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Drawing & Talking Therapy

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I know sometimes it’s hard to put into words how we are feeling or what’s wrong.

Drawing and Talking is a safe and gentle therapeutic approach, which provides an effective way for both children and adults to process emotional pain or trauma, that is hard to put into words.

Within Drawing and Talking sessions, you will be invited to draw anything you choose and be encouraged to talk about feelings using storytelling language to help make sense of your internal world.

The technique is intended to allow you to play, by drawing a picture, and process any emotions you are holding internally in a safe and non-confrontational way, working at your own pace.

WTW Drawing and Talking Therapy
Drawing and Talking

Based on the work of Carl Jung (Founder of Analytical & Jungian Psychology) and John Bowlby (Founder of the Attachment Theory), this therapy allows you to make sense of your internal world.

Drawing and Talking is not intended to be used as a tool to ‘find out’ what is wrong or to fix a problem. You do not have to speak directly about your past or present difficulties, however using Drawing and Talking will help find a resolution to old conflicts, and trauma is often healed.

Drawing and Talking has been specifically designed as a short term intervention. Some adults find this is enough to support them in their lives, and others find this technique a nice introduction to longer-term therapy or is experiencing.

Sessions are £30 for 30 minutes - I recommend 12 sessions in order to get the most from the therapy = total cost of £360 (payment can be made in 3 blocks).

“Expressing old hurts and present worries through drawing with someone who is receptive to the emotions being expressed in the pictures, activates a powerful healing mechanism in the psyche, possibly through the combination of drawing and talking combined with different sides of the brain interacting with each other.”


Drawing and Talking Ltd

For more information on how this therapy can work, please click here to visit the website.

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