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Bloom where you are planted

I'm not particularly green fingered but I try my best to cultivate healthy plants inside and outside my house and have learnt huge lessons through this hobby.

If I thought of myself as a plant, I'd recognise that sometimes I need more water and sunlight can really cheer me up.

I grow out of certain pots and find it's good to be replanted elsewhere, when this happens.

If I don't have the right soil, the right foundation - I don't thrive. This is important to me... I appreciate being nurtured and without being cared for in some way, I tend to wither.

I like change and I like to move, so my roots need to be strong to support myself, but also adaptable to different conditions.

It's good for me to be pruned once in a while and let go off the parts of me that aren't good for my growth.

I recognise that there is a season for everything and even in the rainiest of seasons, there are good things happening.

Bloom where you are planted but remember we can only bloom when we are planted in the right conditions!

If you want to talk to someone about where you may be planted and the changes you need to make to blossom - please get in touch.

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