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Cloudy with a chance of rain

For me our mental health journey is just like a weather forecast.

Today the weather is dangerously hot and we're advised to stay inside.

Yesterday it was sunny, with a little wind that was cooling as I sat in the garden.

We're not sure how the weekend will feel, so we look towards it without making any firm plans and wondering how we will cope...

I've always found our mental health to be changeable too. One day perhaps we can feel bright and positive, the next a soaring anger rages inside. We change, just like the weather does - and that is a good thing.

But sometimes the dark storms don't move on.

Another day, life feels cold and hopeless.

We dread the weekend and what it may bring...

And this is where I believe counselling can help.

Talking to someone about your worries - no matter the size of them - begins to change the shape of them. When we understand ourselves more, we understand why we feel the way we do and by accepting that - we can also begin to challenge and change our thinking.

Life won't ever be sunny 100% of the time.

But if we can begin to understand how our emotions 'ebb and flow'... how we can handle life's ups and downs in better ways... we will carry with us an umbrella of hope wherever we go.

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