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Let it Go

As the leaves on the trees fall to the ground it's a really good season to consider the importance of 'letting go'.

Thousands of years ago, Taoist monks sat in nature and became skilled at observing its cycles and relating these to the human condition. They noticed how the trees let go of their leaves, to make room for next year's growth. The leaves that dropped to the ground, gave nutrients to the soil, so nothing was wasted... In fact, the trees were their most beautiful when they were in the midst of letting go.

I know letting go can be hard. We cling to people, emotions, habits, physical objects to give us security but sometimes when we keep things we don't need, we create emotional and physical stress.

Although it may not be easy releasing a part of your life, this doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

By letting go, you give yourself a new space to grow.

What can you release in your life today that you no longer need?

Get in touch if I can help you.

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