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Strength in the long run

We are so often our harshest critic. When I first started running, I was so embarrassed about how slow I was. In fact, I did a 10K locally where I live and came in the last 20 of about 600 people. I literally crept over the finish line as the stewards were packing up and it was getting dark. I was slow. And yet, I was so much quicker than everyone else who didn't run the race, that evening! It seems a silly thing to say, but we are so quick to doubt ourselves and yet others watch how we carry on with admiration. A great tool to use, when you are doubting yourself is to ask - if you saw a friend in your situation, what would you say to them? I suspect you would be kind and encouraging. So let's try to be that very same friend to ourselves too.

And if you want to a great running club to join, @runningcircles_uk is where I have found myself accepted and celebrated exactly I am.

If you would like to talk to someone about self-doubt, get in touch

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