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Surviving 2022

I don't know about you but I've found 2022 to be a whirlwind. It seems to have passed by extremely quickly and I couldn't understand why. Until I began to reflect, read and listen to others who were experiencing the same. And it turns out, that it's been a strange year for many of us. We came slowly but surely out of a pandemic and have been playing catch up ever since. Catching up with our work, our family, our friends. In essence trying to make up for lost time. And we are tired. Just as when you have been poorly and bounce back out the door the moment you feel better, only to crash at lunch time with exhaustion. This has been 2022.

So let's give ourselves a break. And a pat on the back. And acknowledge that each of our journeys' have been unique and difficult in so many ways.

Let's tread into the new year gently. Let's not put great expectations on ourselves. But let's treat ourselves with the kindness and gentleness we each deserve.

There is still so much to process, to accept, to come to terms with, to grieve for... and that's ok. Let's give it time.

And if I can help - please get in touch.

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