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Whose cup of tea, are you?

I truly believe, it's not safe for me to make a decision early in the morning without least 2 cups of tea....!

In fact, I love my Yorkshire Tea so much, that when I go away - I take it with me.

But Yorkshire tea may not be your choice... you may prefer PG Tips... or Earl Grey... or a strong coffee.. or a decaf... or a smoothie.. or you may not even enjoy tea at all!

Who knows, what works for you because we are all unique and therefore all like different things.

But so often, rather than celebrating our difference - we question it.

We can lose ourselves wondering what others think of us.

Are we enough? Are we too much? Do we say too much? Do we say too little?

How can we be more likeable yet stand up for ourselves more?.......

In the counselling room, I hope we can slow down that pattern of questioning and by offering you unconditional regard, you can begin to understand and accept yourself for who you are.

Today, through many years of my own counselling journey, I'm very aware I'm not everybody's cup of tea. And I'm ok with that.

I hope you can be too.

If you would like to talk about how you can accept yourself further, do get in touch.

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