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Why being anxious, is necessary

Do you feel anxious? Would you be surprised to learn that you need to? We all born with an amygdala that fires up to warn us that we are in danger. Super helpful when we are crossing a road or running away from a bear for example, but less so when we are meeting a friend for coffee. So what can we do? Anxiety can be crippling but by understanding why we feel fearful can be hugely helpful. It maybe a trigger from the past. You may feel you need to be on red alert, due to circumstances at home right now. Whatever the reasons are, we can acknowledge them... acknowledge our amygdala is on overdrive... and begin to find ways to calm it down. It won't happen over night. Bur by exploring ourselves and using techniques to control and distract the anxiety, it can be life changing - life giving. It's a journey. But one worth going on.

If I can help you, do get in touch.

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